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What’s Sudo?

Sudo is a decentralized first-world synthetic asset trading platform. Sudo aims to make the stock equivalent synthetic financial product accessible to the underprivileged and users around the globe. The name Sudo originates from the abbreviation of sudo command line - a hacker and disruptive culture that aims to disrupt the currently strict world financial ecosystem.
Bringing first-class assets to Degens
Sudo allows degens like you to profit from first-class assets. We actively track asset prices from our reliable oracle partners. Just like how you would trade perps for your favorite token, you can easily do the same here for the most bullish asset.
Trade like a pro
Sudo would provide you the best decentralized trading experience, offering token swap, high leveraged trading experience for you to catch the alpha. Liquidity providers can also earn from providing liquidity to the Sudo Liquidity Pool.
Your fund is secure
Sudo is a decentralized exchange, permissionless, fully on-chain. Our contract is audited. Our team knows the best security practice. Your asset is secure with us.

How do I trade on SUDO?

Simply connect your Sui wallet to our app! You can buy a position on any derivatives we support with Sui / USDC.

What features does Sudo offer?

Sudo offers features like token swapping, leveraged trading for traders. For liquidity providers, sudo offers rewards in the form of index token. Sudo gives traders access to real world assets like stock and commodities. Typically traders can open long and short positions with crypto tokens on these assets.

Algorithmic balanced funding rate

To avoid a single-sided market, Sudo introduces algorithmic balanced funding rate that is calculated from current market conditions. ABFR will always reflect the current market conditions and will balance off the overall risks for the protocol.

When launch?

Sudo is live on Testnet! Mainnet launch is scheduled to happen around end of Q4 2023.